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if a pump discharges 75 gpm of water whose specific weight is 61.5 lb/ft^3(g=31.95fps^2). find a) the mass flow rate in lb/min, and b) and total time required to fill a vertical cylinder tank 10ft in diameter and 12ft high.

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    (1) There are 7.48 ft^3 in a gallon. Therefore the volume flow rate can be expressed as 75 gallon/min/7.48 gal/ft^3 = 10.03 ft^3/min
    Multiply that by the density of water, 62.4 lbm/ft^3, and you get 626 lbm/min.

    (lbm stands for pounds mass; the preferred mass unit in the British system is slugs)

    (2) Time = Volume/Flow rate
    = (pi/4)*D^2*L/10.03 ft^3/min
    = 94.0 minutes

  • thermodynamics -

    is there really a 7.48ft^3 in a gallon?...
    isn't it 0.133681?

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