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8th grade math

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Jerome, Kevin, & Seth shared a submarine sandwich. Jerome ate 1/2 of the sandwich, Kevin ate 1/3 of the sandwich and Seth ate the rest. What is the ration of Jerome's share to Kevin's share to Seth's share?
1. 2:3:6
2. 2:6:3
please help!

  • 8th grade math -

    The least common denominator of 1/2 and 1/3 is 6.

    1/2 = 3/6
    1/3 = 2/6

    How much does that leave for Seth?

  • 8th grade math -

    Get a common denominator

    If you have a/6 and b/6 and c/6, then a:b:c would be the ratio and a+b+c=6

  • 8th grade math -

    1/3 for Seth. The ratio is 3:2:1

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