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What questions would you ask a Pharaoh?

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    is this a general question or are you looking for something specific?

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    Mostly general, but if you want to get into specifics, Menkaure (ruled from 2532-2503 BCE)

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    Historians are not sure of many facts about Menkaure. For instance, who was his immediate predecessor? How many wives did he have? What were their names?

    You can get more ideas here.

  • Social Studies - probly ask if he really belived in all that mess about cats being gods or whatever. and if he said yes id ask him why cats instead of dogs.

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    I'm in grade 12... I doubt a question that asks the Pharaoh, who enforces religion, about 'cats and dogs' being sacred animals would be very appropriate. But thanks

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    Thanks Ms. Sue

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    You're welcome, Jay.

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