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Match the correct form of the ver être with the subject pronoun.
A. sont
B. êtes
C. es
D. suis
E. est
F. sommes
1. nous
2. tu
3. vous
4. ils
5. on
6. je

24. Nous sommes intelligents. This sentence tells us:
I am smart.
He is smart.
We are smart.
You are smart.
25. La femme est rousse. This tells us:
The man is red-headed.
The girl is red-headed.
I am red-headed.
The woman is red-headed.
26. Comment es-tu? This question asks
about a person's health.
about what a person is like.
how a person is feeling today.
what a person is wearing.
27. Adjectives in French change gender depending on
who is speaking.
who is listening.
who is writing.
who is being described.
28. Which of the following says "a big book" in French?
un livre grand
le grand livre
une grande livre
un grand livre
29. Which of the following says "some strong men" in French?
les hommes forts
des forts hommes
des hommes forts
les forts hommes

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