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i need help writing an annotated bibliography, and cite the work. and i don't know how to get started on data-my topic is "why are so many black young mens killing each other. or should i write about sucide commited by yong people

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    I can't tell you what subject to write about, but I can tell you to choose something you REALLY want to know more about. It'll probably be too broad a topic, so you'll have to work hard to narrow it down. If you choose "suicide among young people," you'll have a terrible time researching (way too much information!) and you'll write a bunch of generalities instead of a good focused paper. Here's a link to help you with narrowing the focus of a topic:

    And here's a wonderful website that helps you through the process of researching and writing: http://ipl.org/div/aplus/ Use the links at the right -- Step by Step and Info Search.

    OK -- now for annotated bibliographies --
    Here are a couple of links that will help. Make sure you know whether you are to use MLA or APA guidelines for paper and reference citation.


    Please feel free to re-post if you have more questions.

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