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1) A 2 . 3 kg object moving at 7.3 m/s collides inelastically with a 4.0 kg object which is initially at rest.
What percentage of the initial kinetic energy of the system is lost during the collision?

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    Assume that total momentum is conserved, and that they have the same final velocity. Compute that velocity, V, using
    2.3*7.3 = 6.3 V
    V = 2.665 m/s

    Compute initial and final kinetic energies.
    Initial: (2.3/2)*(7.3)^2 = 61.3 J
    Final: (6.3/2)*(2.665)^2 = ___ J
    Compute how much KE is lost and divide it by the initial KE

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    22.4J/ 61.3J (initial)

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