7th Grade Journalism/Interview

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I had to give an interview to a parent about Teens and Cell phones. I got ten questions, gave the interview, and reported results. Thanks for any and all feedback.

Cell Phones and social networking

1) Do you think that teenagers, and kids, need to be more responsible?
2) Should they pay for their own cellular expenses?
3) What do you think is an appropriate age for a cell phone?
4) Do you think that parents being able to get in touch with their child is a valuable excuse for a child to have a cell phone?
5) If a teenager doesn't have phone, do you believe that they would do better on their studies in school?
6) Your son/daughter wants a phone and her/his friends have one, do you get him/her a cellular phone, or have her buy one herself?
7) Do you trust your child enough to let them have a phone without you checking their texts?
8) How old is your child?
9) Have you already given your child, or one of your children a phone, do you plant to do it differently with your next child?
10) Do you find that phones contribute to technology and social networking site addictions?

1) Yeah.
2) Depends.
Me: On what
2)) How responsible they are. I do think that them paying for their own teaches them greater responsibility.
3) That depends on the person
4) No. I think that that is a cop out. It is too easy to lie about where they are.
Me: SO do you think that the child can call from wherever they may be, instead of the cell phone?
4)) yeah.
5) Yeah. Too many kids are texting in class.
6) If the child is keeping up with with all priorities, then possibly.
7) No, I want to know exactly what is going on.
8) Youngest 7, Middle, 13, Oldest 20. Oldest
9) My oldest child does, he is twenty and no. We had him get it himself, once he got a job.
10) severely.
me: why is that?
10)) They can get on it while they are driving, working, at school, pretty much whenever.

I asked my mother these questions, and she thinks they should be responsible with their priorities.

  • 7th Grade Journalism/Interview -

    You have asked a lot of "yes" and "no" questions and are lucky to have gotten the further responses you did. It would be a good idea to redesign these questions so that NONE of them can be answered with a simple "yes" or "no." You'll get much more information that way!

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