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Joseph had 7 1/4 ounces of candy to share with his friends. He gave them 2 4/5 ounces of candy when they came over to play video games. How many ounces of candy does Joseph have left? Explain.

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    4 9/20
    make sure you have the same denominator.
    this is a subtraction problem.
    7 1/4 turns into 7 5/20 and 2 4/5 turns into 2 16/20. since you can not subtract 16/20 from 5/20 you need to borrow from the whole which is 7. so 7 becomes a 6 and you add 20/20 +5/20 and get 25/20 now you can subtract 6 25/20 - 2 16/20 = 4 9/20

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    did this even help

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    4 9/20

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