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Mrs. Black has one begonia plant. If she buys two begonia plants each year for every one she has, how many will she have in four years?

Please explain the answer.

  • math VERY URGENT -

    every year she has 3 times as many plants

    1+3+9+27+81 = 121

  • math VERY URGENT -

    first year 1
    second year 2+1
    third year 6 +2+1
    fourth year=18+6+2+1
    total= sum above

  • math VERY URGENT -

    24 plants

    first year 1+2=3
    second year 3x2=6
    third year 6x2=12
    fourth year 12x2=24

  • math VERY URGENT -

    First year
    1+ 2=3
    Second year
    Third year 9+2+2+2+2+2+2+2+2+2=27
    Fourth year

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