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Read each phrase. Write the possessive form of each item on the line

the barking of the dog
the dog's barking

the game of my family
my family's game

the car of my mom
my mom's car

the office of my aunt
my aunt's office

the computer of my brother
my brother's computer

the color of the apples
the apple's color

the sine of the glass
the glass' shine

the fields of the farmer
the farmer's fields

the hats of the firemen
the firemen's hats

the whiskers of the cat
the cat's whiskers

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    They are all right except for this one:

    the color of the apples
    the apple's color

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    apples'? Can you explain why if that's correct?

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    Apples is plural and ends in s. To make it possessive, we add an apostrophe after the s.

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    Okay thank you!

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    You're welcome.

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