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The president was pressured to declare war on Great Britain by the....?

Barbary pirates.
War Hawks.
Peace Doves.

I want to say either Barbary Pirates or Prophet (mostly Prophet), but I honestly have no idea.

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    I misspelled my name. Ohweeelll.

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    Never mind! It's War Hawks!

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    Magnets are good for the younger cdeihrln, the project can answer a question like: Do magnets attract all types of metal? Then your experiment can expose different metals to a magnet and record finds.Bug behavior is also a good one, and easy. Do worms react differently to different colors of light? Do cockroaches favor a direction of escape? And, don't forget the good old standbys like a model volcano or a homemade compass, sundial, magnet .

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    gurenteed 100%

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