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Read each sentence. Then underline each term that calls for italics

The twins like to watch Tomas & Friends
Thomas & Friends?

This book, The Higher Power of Lucky, won an award, and it is a good read.
The higher Power of Lucky?

Do you mean course or coarse?
course or coarse?

My older sister is reading a long poem Paradise Lost, in her college class.
Paradise Lost?

I bought Dad an album, The Road to Ensenada, for his Birthday.
The Road to Ensenada?

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    1, 2, 4, and 5 are fine.

    Re-think 3.

  • English -

    course course? Only underline those 2 and leave out the or?

  • English -

    course coarse

    Yes, leave out the "or" and spell the second one right!!

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