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What is the ratio of 4/5 to 7/15?

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    4/5 to 7/15
    = 4/5 : 7/15
    = 15(4/5) : 15(7/15)
    = 12 : 7

    or (4/5) / (7/15)
    = (4/5)(15/7)
    = 12/7

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    Reiny you are retarded you cant get 12/7,you do 4/5 to 7/15, = x 4/5 by 3 = 12/15 to 7/15, so 12/7 = 1 5/7 you missed a step.

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    thank you fellow cat. i got that question right ^9-9^ (emoji)

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    i agree with jane, everyone does it sometimes, there is no need to insult her like that!!

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    Caitie cat, Everyone makes a mistake. If you made one today I bet you wouldn't appreciate being called retarded.

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    i agree

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    im a little confused i still dont know how you got that can you walk me through it please

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    Well.. People have so stop arguing for one, because this girl needs help with the problem right? Please guys..

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    cattie cat gon get slapped getting smart calling ppl retarted like bihhhh you the retarted one ugly ass ho

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    Ambie... You shouldn't be talking like that on here...
    *People* bihhhhh? really?
    And its rude to be calling people names on here... this is homework help not "Lets see who is cooler by calling people names!" if you're not going to help then leave.

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    WOAH! You guys are savages calm down. The whole point is that there's an explanation to how this problem was done. The answer seems to be 1 5/7 and since theres an explanation, if anyone needs help with a problem similar to ths one they can study what was done here. No need for fighting guys.

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    I agree she just needs help but...THE QUESTION WAS FREAKING 3 YEARS AGO!

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