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A water faucet is located in one corner of Juan's garden. He wants a garden hose long enough to reach the farthest corner of the garden. The garden is rectangular with sides of 10 feet and 15 feet. How long should the garden hose be? Show your work

  • algebra -

    Let's find the diagonal length of this rectangle, which is the hypotenuse of a triangle.

    a^2 + b^2 = c^2

    10^2 + 15^2 = c^2

    100 + 225 = c^2

    325 = c^2

    18.028 = c

    Looks like an 18 foot hose will do the job.

  • algebra -

    A rectangle has a width of 8 meters. The length is twice as long as the width. What is the length of the diagonal? Show your work

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