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is it a comprehensive answer?
Machiavelli (in terms of political philosophy)

Machiavelli was an Italian philosopher. A famous book he wrote is ‘The Prince’ which still have impact to today’s politics. It is about the rise and fall of states and what the leader can do in order the state continue to exist. “As for intellectual training, the prince must read history, studying the actions of eminent men to see how they conducted themselves during war and to discover the reasons for their victories or their defeats, so that he can avoid the latter and imitate the former. Above all, he must read history so that he can do what eminent men have done before him….” This is relevant today because we must read history and imitate the successful men and women, study why they succeed or failed. Also by learning history you can avoid making same mistakes with the past. ‘The Prince’ was written 500 years ago and is still considering as relevant.

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    It's not clear you know what you're writing about. Did you read and understand what I posted for you about Machiavelli?

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