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College History

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I have quite a few that I couldn't figure out on my assignment.

1) The leading symbol of reforming state governments in rhe early 1900's was

A) Theodore Roosevelt
B) Woodrow Wilson
C) Robert La Follette
D) Upton Sinclair

2) Wilson's first dealings with Congress after his inauguration involved:

A) Income Taxes
B) The Tariff
C) Foreighn Treaties
D) Trust Busting

3) Why did the U.S not place an embargo on belligerent nations during WWI?

A) There was not a consensus on which side should be affected
B) There was a division between citizens from these nations that would be worsened by an embargo
C) It would damage the U.S economy
D) Wilson refused to consider it

4) Which party supported the Allies and promoted a plan of military preparedness?

A) Progressives
B) Bull Moose
C) Democrats
D) Republicans
E) Socialists

5) The drive for a Prohibition amendment was not fueled by which of the following:

A) Prohibitionit congressmen were elected into office
B) anti-immigrant sentiments in the nation
C) Women were against it
(this one confuses me because of the wording. is it saying women were against prohibition? because that would make 'C' false. or is it saying women were against alchohol. then 'C' would be true...)

6) The American contribution in WWI

A) Although small compared to those of the European Allies, was vital to success in the war
B) Was much greater than that of the European Allies

7) Which of the following was NOT a characteristic of the red scare in America?
A) The supreame Court ruled that the laws restricting civil liberties were unconstitutional, but police forces and the FBI ignored the ruling
B)Socialists were removed from the Newyork legislature

Any help is great, thanks <3

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