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what is the equation for the perpendicular bisector of the line segment whose endpoints are (-7,2) (-1,-6)

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    The formula is y-y1= m*(x-x1)

    1. Find the midpoint= [(x1-x2)/2, (y1-y2)/2]
    you will get (-4,-2)

    2. Find slope m1= [2-(-6)]/[-7-(-1)]= 8/-6=-4/3

    3. find the slope of the perpendicular line
    -4/3*m2= -1
    m2= 3/4

    4. Plug in given points (-7,2) and (-1,-6) and m2 in the formula that I wrote in the beginning

    y=3/4x+1 this is the equation your were looking for.

    Please, make sure the numbers are correct and double check the math (in case of typo), but the actual idea is correct.

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    Indicate the equation of the line that is the perpendicular bisector of the segment with endpoints (4, 1) and (2, -5).

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