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Read each sentence. Find the semicolon mistake. Rewrite the sentence

The story has interesting characters, Tom and Luisa, action; and history, a Civil War setting.
The story has interesting characters; Tom and Luisa, action, and history; a Civil War setting.

We finished Chapter 1, Sentences, Chapter 2, Phrases; and Chapter 3, Clauses.
We finished Chapter 1, Sentences; Chapter 2, Phrases; and Chapter 3, Clauses.

The characters are Mary, the nasty girl; Cindy, the kind one, and Tricia, the peacemaker.
The characters are Mary; the nasty girl, Cindy; the kind one, and Tricia; the peacemaker

You should come on Thursday, December 9, Friday, December 17; and Tuesday, December 21.
You should come on Thurdsday, December 9;Friday,December 17; and Tuesday, December 21.

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    I disagree with your first answer. I think the first sentence is correct.

    Your other two are right.

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    Is the last one right? I posted 4 questions

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    Sorry -- I can't count. Yes, the last one is right.

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