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Ms. Sue. Do you have the answers for English 3 and 4 for Ashworth High School? I have completed all the other classes by myself. But if I don't finish English 3 and 4 by next week, I'll have to repay my tuition. Please help me!

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    Bob -- I have no answers to any tests.

    My advice is to really study the texts for the two English classes. Do the best you can on the tests. If you want to post a couple of questions and your answers, I'll be glad to check them.

    However, I didn't teach for 32 years to help a student cheat on an assignment, much less an exam. The purpose of an exam is to learn if you've mastered the material in the class. If you haven't learned it, then you don't deserve the credit for the class!

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    Thank you Ms. Sue. I believe you have helped me in the past learn history. I'm homeschooled. So sometimes I do research on the internet for help. I came across some questions that you answered and your answers and links have really helped me understand history. Thanks :)

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    You're welcome.

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