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Find the axis of symmetry for y=x^2+4x-7
Find the axis of symmetry for y=3x^2-18x+1
Find the axis of symmetry for y=5x^2+10+3
Determine if the vertex is a maximum or minimum and identify it y=2x^2-3
Determine etc etc for y=-x^2-2x
Determine etc etc for y=5x^2-10x+3
Find the zeros for the function y= -x^2+2x
Find the zeros etc for y=3x^2+12x+9

  • Algebra -

    for y=ax^2+bx+c, vertex is at x = -b/2a
    if you complete the square, and have

    (y-k) = a(x-h)^2 then
    the vertex is at (h,k)

    the axis of symmetry goes through the vertex.

    the sign of the x^2 term determines whether the vertex is a min or max.

    So, what do you come up with?

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