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If a solution contains 0.0100 mole of HCl in 10.0 mL aqueous solution.
a.) What is its molarity? My answer is 1M (0.0100 mole/10.0 mL * 1000 mL/1L = 1M)
b.) What is H^+ ion concentration for this solution?
c.) What is the expected pH for this solution?
pls help i don't know how to answer the last 2 questions

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    You're batting 1000 on a. Just plug in the numbers for b and c.
    HCl is a strong acid (meaning it ionizes 100%) so HCl ==> H^+ + Cl^-

    If HCl = 1.0 M then (H^+) must be 1.0 M (and Cl^- must be 1.0 M).

    pH = -log(H^+)
    pH = -log(1.0)
    pH = -(0)
    pH = 0
    (Note: I doubt it would read this on a pH meter).

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