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Science 8R - help

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How does the Law of conservation of energy compared to the conservation of matter?

please help

  • Science 8R - help -

    Energy and matter can never be changed or destroyed.

    That's all I got so far, please help!

  • Science 8R - help!!!!!!!!!!! (anyone????) -

    can someone PLEASE help me

  • Science 8R - help -

    the law of conservation of matter and energy states that energy and matter cannot be created or destroyed, only converted from one form to another.
    the cycle of matter in the food chain is that matter is built to create a body, when it is consumed it is broken down and formed into feces, this matter is used by plants and builds up plants, then the plants are eaten by animals and becomes part of the animals body mass again. matter also is given to the soil when an animal dies
    energy stored in plants is consumed and used and stored by animals, the stored energy goes to the animal that eats the first animal, and uses and stores that energy, etc etc
    abiotic means non living, biotic means living. So when energy and matter goes back and forth from abiotic things to biotic things, it is usually when the animal dies or defecates, and then when plants use the soil

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