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If the ratio of children to parents is 3 to 2 which of these shows possible numbers of children to parents?
A.60 children 90 parents
B.169 children 112 parents
C.112 children 169 parents
D.170 children 115 parents

There are 2 men teachers to every 5 women teachers at Lamar Middle School. There are exactly 24 men on the faculty of Lamar. Which proportion can be used to find W, the number of women teachers at Lamar?

  1. Ms. Sue

    You're close on the first one, but none of the answers are correct. Check for typos in the problem.

    The second one is correct.

  2. Jerald

    168 children and 112 parents for B

  3. Ms. Sue


  4. Jessica

    It is a . Because ratios not only have to always be even

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