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I have 6 more questions do you mind helping me with them? Pretty Please! :(|)

  • Steve I have a question -

    If you can here they are.

    4. 9a – b – 2a – 10b

    5. 5(x + 10) + x

    6. –4n + 7 + 2n = 1

    7. 4(y – 4) = 8

    9. Raymond buys bottles of water at $2.10 each and a large pizza at $12.99. The total cost was $21.39. How many bottles of water b did he buy?

    10. Suppose you are driving to visit a friend in another state. You are driving 55 miles per hour. You must drive 440 miles total. If you have already driven 275 miles, how long will it take you to reach your destination? Use h to represent the number of hours it will take to reach your destination. Use the equation 55h + 275 = 440

  • Steve I have a question -

    it would have been nice if you had shown that you tried to get the answers. If you have more questions, please show how far you got.

    I assume that for these, if there is no equation, you are supposed to just simplify, collecting like terms.

    4. rearrange things a bit to get
    9a-2a -b-10b
    (9-2)a -(1+10)b
    7a - 11b

    5x + 5*10 + x
    5x+x + 50

    –4n + 7 + 2n = 1
    -4n+2n = 1-7
    -2n = -6
    n = 3

    4y - 16 = 8
    4y = 24
    y = 6

    2.10b + 12.99 = 21.39
    2.10b = 8.40
    b = 4

    man, they gave you the equation. just solve for h:

    55h = 440-275 = 165
    h = 3

  • Steve I have a question -

    so would it be the answer with bs or without the bs

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