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(1 pts.) William is acutely retarded and requires intense care. His IQ has been measured at approximately 15. What term would be used to classify William's level of retardation?

A) mild
B) moderate
C) severe
D) profound

# 1.22
(1 pts.) Shannon has been diagnosed with moderate mental retardation but attends most of her classes in a regular classroom in the central school in her district. This educational philosophy is best known as

A) mainstreaming.
B) ingratiation.
C) integration.
D) enclosure.

# 1.23
(1 pts.) Many children who are afflicted with autistic disorder insist upon a daily routine that is

A) flexible.
B) extremely rigid.
C) adaptable.
D) unstructured.

# 1.24
(1 pts.) Joshua has a specific developmental disorder that is characterized by the fact that words and letters get reversed when he is reading; for example the letter "b" looks like "d" and the word "frog" may look like "gorf." This problem makes him read aloud in a slow and broken way. Joshua may have

A) disorder of written expression.
B) cluttering.
C) expressive language disorder.
D) dyslexia.

# 1.25
(1 pts.) Zack is a 14-year-old member of a ruthless street gang. He has been involved in a number of robberies, muggings, and incidents of arson. Zack might be diagnosed as having

A) oppositional-defiant disorder.
B) conduct disorder.
C) avoidant disorder.
D) antisocial personality disorder.

# 1.26
(1 pts.) Jamie is an eight-year-old who is deathly afraid of leaving his mother or father. Jamie's school is located close to the office where his mother works, but she still has to leave work frequently because he cries uncontrollably when he starts thinking about his parents. Jamie might be diagnosed as suffering from

A) separation anxiety disorder.
B) overanxious disorder.
C) avoidant disorder.
D) rumination disorder.

# 1.27
(1 pts.) Keith has a severe tic disorder that manifests itself in his making constant belching noises. He also swears quite frequently and engages in a compulsive ritual involving touching red colored items at least five times. Keith may very well have

A) obsessive-compulsive disorder.
B) transient tic disorder.
C) Asperger's disorder.
D) Tourette's disorder.

# 1.28
(1 pts.) The fact that Jason Newman, in the textbook case, gets attention from his peers and parents when he is disruptive might be an indication that which of the following might play a role in his disorder?

A) genetic flaws
B) primary gain
C) secondary gain
D) modeling

# 1.29
(1 pts.) Mrs. Johansen is pregnant and has accidentally been exposed to a person with German measles. She should be most concerned about the possibility of producing a child with mental retardation if she is in the

A) fetal period.
B) 35th week.
C) first trimester.
D) last trimester.

# 1.30
(1 pts.) At 12 months of age, it was evident that little Tony was unresponsive to people. He resisted the cuddling of his parents and became increasingly aloof. Tony might be diagnosed as having

A) Tay-Sachs disease.
B) separation anxiety disorder.
C) autistic disorder.
D) rumination disorder.

# 1.31
(1 pts.) Debbie is a little girl who has been diagnosed as having autistic disorder. Each time she engages in self-injurious behavior, like head-banging, her mother immediately runs over and attempts to stop her by holding her close. According to behavioral theorists, what might this attempt at stopping her behavior actually do?

A) It should decrease the behavior because children with autistic disorder dislike physical contact.
B) The attention her mother is giving Debbie is actually reinforcing, so the self-injurious behavior should increase.
C) The holding will actually frustrate Debbie, so she will head-bang even more.
D) Holding will have no effect on the self-injurious behavior, because autistic children are oblivious to the outside world.

# 1.32
(1 pts.) The prognosis for individuals with learning, communication, and motor skills disorders is;

A) poor unless they undergo complicated neurosurgery to correct their problems.
B) good if they are placed on medications designed to control their attentional difficulties.
C) fair if placed they are placed in remedial educational programs.
D) good if their learning environment provides more structure and fewer distractions.

# 1.33
(1 pts.) In many ways, Sally seems like a typical teenager. However, she repeatedly argues with her parents, refuses to do what she is told, and at times does things to deliberately annoy people. If this behavior pattern is relatively long-term, Sally might possibly have

A) conduct disorder.
B) attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
C) rumination disorder.
D) oppositional defiant disorder.

# 1.34
(1 pts.) While eating, Lindsay often spits her food back up and rechews it. Assuming that this is a persistent problem, Lindsay might be diagnosed with

A) pica
B) feeding disorder of infancy or early childhood
C) rumination disorder
D) bulimia nervosa

# 1.35
(1 pts.) Frannie still wets the bed occasionally. Which of the following factors would be LEAST important in terms of her being diagnosed as having enuresis?

21.A 22.C 23.A 24.D 25.B 26.B 27.A 28.A 29.C 30.C 31.C 32.C 33.D 34.A 35.B

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