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Combine the sentences below into a brief paragraph,using clear and efficient language.Remember that each sentence contains some information that is essential to the meaning of the overall
paragraph; do not omit any necessary details. When you have completed the exercise, determine your final word count.

Please help i need to put this sentences in order and combine them in order to make sense.

1. The pizza sits on the table.
2. It is fresh from the oven.
3. It is in the middle of the table.
4. Its crust rises up.
5. The crust is thick.
6. The crust is golden brown.
7. It is like a wall.
8. The wall surrounds the rest of the ingredients.
9. The sauce steams.
10. The sauce bubbles.
11. Its smell drifts upwards.
12. The smell is slightly sweet.
13. Pepperoni slices lie on the pizza.
14. They are shiny.
15. They are dappled.
16. They contrast with the sauce.
17. The sauce is dull red.
18. Mushroom slices rest in the sauce.
19. The slices are now shriveled.
20. The slices are now soft.
21. Their edges are curved up.
22. The curving is slight.
23. Green olives are scattered about.
24. Black olives are scattered about.
25. They dot the surface.
26. Cheese melts over the pizza.
27. The cheese is creamy.
28. It enmeshes everything in its strands.
29. The strands are weblike.
30. They trap the tastes until someone releases them.

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    First of all, you need to group the sentences that belong together. Then start combining them.

    Once you have grouped the sentences and combined at least one group into a sentence, be sure to re-post, and someone here will be happy to check your work so far.

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