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What is the difference between "findings & analysis" in a research paper?

Let me know if I'm on the right path or if I'm deluded.

I understand that in the findings section is where I will report on what I've discovered in the research. I will cite and show what discoveries have been made. I will not use my own opinion or judge.

For the analysis section.... is this where I make my argument against the findings? Is this where I use my own thought?

I'm confused.... thanks in advance.

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    Why are you confused? You have it right.

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    Thanks for the input... I think we know each other form before. I'm just having difficulty conceptualizing. Also, the paper is supposed to be 10 pages long so I'm intimidated. Enough thinking, though... time to write!

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    Yes, indeed. Gettin' down to business!

    I used to have to write 40-50-page papers, though, and that was before computers! (Yes, the dark ages!) So I know you can do 10!

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    I really appreciate you experience. My professors say they'd have to do the same thing. The best tool they had back then (20 years before) was a photocopy machine! So yes, down to business!

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