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what is a gradient

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    On a straight line graph, if the line is going this way \ and the co ordinates that I have are (0,4) and (5,0), then what is the gradient?
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    what is the slope of-6,3 -2,-9 help -6,3 -2,-9 I take these are coordinates. Gradient of a line is given by: (y2-y1)/(x2-x1) so y2=3, y1=-9 x2=-6, x1=-2 substitute in to the above and calculate the gradient.
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    a curve ahs parametric equations x=t^2 and y= 1-1/2t for t>0. i)find the co-ordinates of the point P where the curve cuts the x-axis which i found to be P(1/4, 0) the next part i cant do ii) find the gradient of the curve at this …
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    "Find the gradient of the given function: z = xe^(y). Assume the variables are restricted to a domain on which the function is defined." Thanks for the help!
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    Find coordinates of the points on the given curve at which it's gradient has the given value. Y=x^3+x^2 Gradient = 1 I know that dy/dx = 3x^2+2x I'm not sure what to do next. Please help Thankyou 😘

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