5th grade Language Arts

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Thanks Ms. Sue! I have other sentences I would like to try to get right.
1. Mr. Morton, the best reading teacher in the world, taught me sentence structure. Complex: Mr. Morton taught me sentence structure = indep & best reading teacher in the world = dep

2. I left early so that I could get some work done, but I'll be back soon.
Compound-complex: I left early = indep; so that I could get some work done = dep; I'll be back soon = indep

3. Crossing the street is dangerous if you don't look both ways before you cross. Complex: Crossing the street is dangerous = indep; if you don't look both ways before you cross = dep

4. Modern Warfare is a fun game, but no game is better than Ms Pac-Man. Compound: Modern warfare is a fun game = indep; no game is better than Ms Pac-Man = indep

5. Todd and Nick are eating chips and salsa on the park bench before dinner. Simple: Todd and Nick (2 subjects) are eating (1 verb).

  • 5th grade Language Arts -

    1. No.
    This sentence has only one independent clause -- Mr. Morton taught me sentence structure.
    phrase (it has no verb) -- the best reading teacher in the world

    2. Correct.

    3. Correct.

    4. Correct.

    5. Correct!

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