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Could you please show me how to work this problem?

Each hand in the human body has 27 bones. There are 6 more bones in the fingers than in the wrist. There are 3 fewer bones in the palm than in the wrist. How many bones are in each part of the hand?

  • math -

    f = w+6
    p = w-3
    f+w+p = 27

    now make substitutions, or solve using elimination or matrices, to get

    (f,p,w) = (14,5,8)
    that is,
    14 finger
    5 palm
    8 wrist

  • math -

    Let x be the number of bones in the wrist.Then fingers have x+6 bones and palm has x-3 bones. Altogether there are 27 so; wrist+fingers+palm=27 so x+(x+6)+(x-3)=27 so 3x+3=27 3x=24 x=8 Hence 8 bones in wrist, 8+6=14 bones in fingers and 8-3=5 bones in palm.

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