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1) a bus drove 65 km/h. how far did it travel in 3 hours?
2) a bird fly at 8 m/s. how far can it travel in 10 seconds?
3) a snail can creep along at 5 cm/min. how can it travel in an hour?
4)an narrow flying at 94 m/s struck the target in 1.8 s. how far away was the target?
5) a car traveled 100 km in 2 hrs. what was the speed?
6) a boy swam 75 m in 3 min. what was the speed?
7)a bicycle traveled 60 km in 4 hrs. what was the speed?
8) a girl walked 50 km in 10 hours. what was her speed?
9) a bus traveled 369 km in 4.5 hrs. what was its speed?

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    Which of these problems don't you understand?

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    i don't understand any of them

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    I'll show you two. Then you can try the rest.

    1) 65 * 3 = 195 km

    5) 100 / 2 = 50 km/h

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    thank you :)

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    You're welcome. If you post your answers to the other problems, I'll be glad to check them for you.

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