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Arrange the following oxides in order of increasing acidity: P2O5, As2O5, N2O5, SnO2, SeO3, and BaO. (Use the appropriate <, =, or > symbol to
separate substances in the list.)

I have no idea how to do this! please help!

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    P2O5 is the anhydride of H3PO4.
    As2O5 is the anhydride of H3AsO4.
    N2O5 is the anhydride of HNO3.
    SnO2 is the anhydride of Sn(OH)4
    BaO is the anhydride of Ba(OH)2
    You know which are strong acids or bases; therefore, those go at the top (for weakest acid) to bottom (for strongest acid. Then look up the Ka or Kb values for the others to arrange them.

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    i got BaO < SnO_2 < N_2O_5 < P_2O_5 < As_2O_5 < SeO_3 but its wrong

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