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Im almost done finishing this course online and I need to check my answers for Exam number 02604500 Helping Abused Children please.

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    We can't check your answers until you post them.

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    1. The Stubborn Child Law enacted by Massachusetts in 1646 permitted parents to
    A. use corporal punishment when children disobeyed them.
    B. keep children out of school if they were needed for family work purposes.
    C. institutionalize a child born with a physical or mental disability.
    D. put disobedient children to death.

    2. Which of the following is the best statement about children who are abused?
    A. They most often come from impoverished homes.
    B. They can’t usually be identified by their “appearance.”
    C. They’ll misbehave more often in the classroom.
    D. They’re usually between the ages of 2 and 8.

    3. As a result of Frenchman Jean Jacques Rousseau’s book about child development, growth, and maturity,
    A. the number of hours children were required to work was decreased.
    B. children were given more nutritious food to eat.
    C. more children entered school at an earlier age.
    D. parents understood the need for providing children with “play” time.

    4. As a teacher aide, if you report an incident of child abuse,
    A. you must be able to prove your allegations to the authorities.
    B. you’ll most likely be asked to testify in court.
    C. you should keep all information related to the case confidential.
    D. you’re required to contact the child’s parents first.

    5. Which of the following is an example of physical abuse?
    A. A father refuses to buy his seven-year-old son glasses so he can see the blackboard in school.
    B. A single mother of three children makes them wait to eat dinner until she arrives home at 9:00 at
    C. A nine-year-old boy reports that his basketball coach is fondling him.
    D. A mother beats her three-year-old daughter because she is unable to zipper her own coat.

    6. The first major child abuse case, heard in the United States in 1874, involved a(n)
    A. child, living in New York City, who was chained to a bed post, starved and beaten savagely by
    her foster parents.
    B. eight-year old-boy who was whipped excessively upon refusing to work in his father’s cotton
    C. orphan who had been abandoned by his adoptive parents at the age of five.
    D. four-year-old girl who, after disobeying her parents, was locked in a closet for several days.

    7. The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act defines child abuse as the physical or mental injury,
    sexual abuse, or exploitation, negligent treatment or maltreatment of children under the age of
    A. 16. C. 12.
    B. 21. D. 18.

    8. Parents who fail to provide their children with proper supervision is an example of what type of child
    A. Emotional C. Intellectual
    B. Neglect D. Physical

    9. What do we call the type of child abuse that hinders a child’s growth and development?
    A. Severe C. Delayed
    B. Primary D. Marginal

    10. What estimated percentage of child abusers are so emotionally unstable that they can’t learn
    nonabusive behavior?
    A. 10% C. 40%
    B. 20% D. 70%

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    11. As a teacher aide, if a child wishes to speak to you about an incident of abuse, what should you do first?
    A. Assure the child that you can help
    B. Find a quiet place were you can talk uninterrupted
    C. Assure the child that incidents of child abuse are common
    D. Take the child to a school nurse’s or counselor’s office as soon as possible

    12. What happens in most cases of sexual abuse?
    A. The abuser is removed immediately from the home.
    B. The abuser is prosecuted in court.
    C. Nothing can be done until evidence is found.
    D. The abuser receives institutional counseling as a precautionary measure.

    13. Prior to filing a report of child abuse, it’s suggested that you or your school do which of the following?
    A. Provide a written warning notice to the parents
    B. Document incidents of possible abuse that are observed
    C. Have the agreement of the child involved before making the report
    D. Collect as much evidence as possible

    14. Child abuse laws in the United States have been enacted in how many states?
    A. 26 C. 50
    B. 35 D. 48

    15. If you suspect a child is being abused, but he or she is hesitant about sharing information with you,
    you should
    A. try asking questions about the suspected abuse, a few at a time, over a period of several days.
    B. report the suspected abuse to your school administrator or child protection agency, even if the
    child discloses no details.
    C. have the teacher contact the parents and request a parent-teacher conference as soon as possible.
    D. see if the child would be willing to discuss the circumstances with a friend.

    16. What percentage of reported child abuse cases are valid?
    A. 30% C. 50%
    B. 10% D. 80%

    17. Which of the following best describes a child who has been abused?
    A. The child will usually be eager to answer your questions.
    B. The child is more mature than other children.
    C. The child typically forms strong friendships.
    D. The child may be quiet and tentative.

    18. A child who accepts failure readily is probably demonstrating a sign of _______ abuse.
    A. physical C. emotional
    B. neglectful D. sexual

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    parents who fail to provide their children with proper supervision is a example of what type of child abuse?
    A emotional. B Neglect. C intellectual. D physical
    I think is A

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