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I choose to do research on Avoidant personality disorder or APD because a friend of is suffering from APD and I’m having trouble how to approach him. My friend’s name is Jim. He told me that he started to feel the symptoms when he was in his teen age years. Jim told me that he was always comparing himself to others and he feels different. He told me that he gets nervous whenever he talks to strangers or to people that he haven’t seen in a long time. He always feels that that he is going to say something wrong and he will be hardly punished for it.
He told me that he was not even aware that his problem is a psychological disorder back then, all he know is that every guy in their teen age years are going through that stage. Jim has the same age is mine. He is now at 20s and he feels like that the disorder gets worst. He wasn’t even sad or angry about that he has this disorder but he looks content with the way his life goes. He has a better work compare to mine, he has a car and he pays for his own apartment and food. He told me that every day for him is the same scenario. He will go directly at his home after he worked. He told me that he doesn’t have any friends or anyone. He doesn’t feel comfortable when the people around him are having fun. I told him to see a doctor or a Specialist but he refused. He told me that he is going to be fine. I’m hoping that after doing this research I will learn something that will help my friend.

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    See your other post.

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    ab ← cd

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    ab ← cd

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    ab ∓ cd

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