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testing bronsted lowry reaction predictions...... im super stuck can someone help me steo by step how to figure this out assuming i use the 5 step process?
write a balanced chemical equation for ch3coona and hcl reaction
position of equilibrium.

I know that ch3coo is a SB
and Hcl is a SA
so reactants are favored and shown as <50% but i cant fiigure out how to write the equation.

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    Have you been told that ch3coona isn't anything in chemistry. You need to find the caps key for CO, Co and co mean something different just as m and M aren't the same.
    I don't have your table of acidic/base values but you do this. You will need to fill in the numbers and decide where th equilibrium is.
    CH3COONa ==> CH3COO^- + Na^+
    CH3COO^- is a strong base. Na^+ is a spectator ion. CH3COO^- accepts a proton to form CH3COOH.

    HCl ==> H3O^+ + Cl^-
    H3O^+ is a strong acid. Cl^- is a spectator ion. H3O^+ donates a proton.
    CH3COO^- + H3O^+ ==> CH3COOH
    This reaction is far to the right.

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    no i have to teach myself and that's why i was so confused i knew CH3COO would gain a proton but i didn't realize that hcl changed to HCl ==> H3O^+ + Cl^- so it makes a little more sense.I do wanna make sure i understand and i have troubles breaking down the entities. i may ask for more help but only to make sure i am on the right track.

    Thank you sooooooo much for helping though

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    I suppose to make it complete the HCl reacts with H2O as follows:
    HCl + H2O ==> H3O^+ + Cl^-
    You're quite welcome and come back anytime you have a question. It helps us help you if you explain in detail what you don't understand.

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