Social Studies 8R help!!!!

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What is Ghost Town?

I looked in my textbook it's not there. I checked in the glossary, I only see Ghost Dance.

Please help

  • Social Studies 8R help!!!! -

    Ghost town is a town/village/city that has been abandoned.

  • Social Studies 8R help!!!! -


  • Social Studies 8R help!!!! -

    what's boom town?

  • Social Studies 8R help!!!! -

    A boom town is one that has suddenly grown a lot and become rich.

  • Social Studies 8R help!!!! -

    thank you! :)

  • Social Studies 8R help!!!! -

    see my other social studies post below

    i asked if if my answer is correct about the freedmen bureau

  • Social Studies 8R help!!!! -

    what's radical reconstruction

    I'm sorry but my textbook it doesn't say the definition.

  • Social Studies 8R help!!!! -

  • Social Studies 8R help!!!! -

    A boom town is one that has suddenly grown a lot and become rich.

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