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Algebra 2 help :)

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Any number in the form of a+-bi , where a and b are real numbers and b not equal 0 is considered a pure imaginary number. TRUE OR FALSE

The minimum value is the smallest y-value of a function. T RUE OR FALSE

i2 = square root of -1. TRUE OR FALSE

Complex numbers can be graphed on the xy coordinate plane. TRUE OR FALSE

  • Algebra 2 help :) -

    1. true it is not a real number

    2 that is true, when graphing a function or a parabola, the minimum value is the smallest y value

    3 i^2 = -1, thus it is false

    4 complex numbers CANNOT be graphed on the coordinate plane (where would we put it?!) so false

  • Algebra 2 help :) -

    False (is complex not imaginary)

    Yes I suppose although you can have a local minimum

    I guess you mean i^2, but that is just -1

    On the complex plane x and i y

  • Algebra 2 help :) -

    1. FALSE. pure imaginary numbers a+bi have a=0

    4. TRUE. a=bi is graphed as the point (a,b)

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