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Sharon Spent $2 on a magazine; then she spent half of the rest of her money on shoes. She spent half of her remaining money on lunch. She has $12 left. How much did Sharon start with?

X= X+2+(a÷2)+(b÷2)+12

Thats correct?

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    let X be the amount she had in the beginning. x-2 after magazine On shoes she spent: (x-2)/2. For lunch she spent: (x-2)/4. She is left with (x-2)/4=12 <=> x-2=48<=> x=$50

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    Adalberto, your equation makes no sense at all
    First of all, why do you have the variable x when it drops out.
    You would have
    0 = 2 + (a÷2) + (b÷2) + 12

    You did not define a or b, so who knows what that is supposed to say.

    Go with joanna's solution , she is correct

    start with 50
    spend $2, left with 48
    spend half of that on shoes , left with 24
    spend half of that for lunch , left with 12
    which is correct

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    6/24 of 1/2 would be 3/12

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