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How much heat, in Kj, is required to melt 11.0g of ice, at -13.0 degrees C, and vaporize the H20, and rise the temperature of the steam to 114 degrees C. Need help. Anyone, please!

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    You need two formulas.
    q needed within a phase is
    [mass x specific heat in that phase x (Tfinal-Tinitial)].
    For example to change T of 100 g liquid water at zero C to liquid water at 100 will require q = [100 x 4.184 x (100-0) = ?

    q needed at a phase change is
    [mass x heat fusion] at melting point or
    [mass x heat vaporization] at boiling point.

    Then add all of the q values for each phase change and each move in T within a phase together for the total.

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