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When people have indigestion or "heartburn" they often take an antacid to reduce the amount of stomach acid (hydrochloric acid). Two antacids are Mylanta (magnesium hydroxide) and Titralac (calcium carbonate). Jimmy prefres to take Mylanta because Titralac makes him feel "gassy" and burps lots. Discuss why both Mylanta and Titralac would reduce stomach acid, but why Titralac makes Jimmy feel gassy but Mylanta does not. In your answer, you should: Name the types of reaction(s) involved, State the products of the reactions and link these to why Titralac makes Jimmy feel gassy but Mylanta does not, Write a word equation for both reactions.

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    You can answer this question in detail by writing the equation for HCl + Mg(OH)2 and HCl + CaCO3. Look at the products.

    CaCO3 + 2HCl ==> H2O + CO2 + CaCl2
    Mg(OH)2 + 2HCl ==> 2H2O + MgCl2

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