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Use the table to calculate an approximate enthalpy or heat of reaction for the combustion of one mole of methane gas (CH4) to form gaseous H2O and CO2. What Volume (in L) of methane is needed to produce 3329 kJ of heat for methane gas at 36 oC and 9.15 atm pressure?

I got 20.7, which is apparently wrong. Any help is appreciated!
The table can be found here: i54. tinypic. com / 25tvp0p (just take out the spaces)

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    Write the equation and balance it.
    CH4 + 2O2 ==> CO2 + 2H2O
    dHrxn = (n*BE reactants)-(n*BE prodicts)
    Don't forget to use the O-O bond energy which is listed separately and remember to use O=C=O for CO2.
    dHrxn kJ/mol x ?mol = 3329 kJ
    Convert ?mol CH4 to L at the conditions listed by using PV = nRT.

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