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a large elm tree died after it was struck by lightning.the property owner thinks he can remove it himself,but is concerned that it will fall on his greenhouse.he takes several measurement before attempting to cut it 3 p.m. he measures the shadow of the tree and finds it to be 15 feet long.he also determines that the tree is 27 feet from the greenhouse.what else must he know to be able to determine the height of the tree? [1] the height of the greenhouse [2] the width of the greenhouse [3] the diameter of the tree [4] the speed and direction of the wind [5] the length of the shadow of the 4-foot fencepost help please

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    by knowing the height of the post, he can use the same ratio to find the height of the tree.

    However, it would be safer just to cut the tree so it falls away from the greenhouse!

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