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do not know how to get answer on kathleen spent $30.50 on two shirts. One shirt cost $3.50 more than the other. How much did each shirt cost?How do you get the answer for X +X+3.50 = 30.50. Trying to explain how to get answer to a 5th grader.

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    X = 1 shirt

    X + 3.50 = the other shirt

    2x + 3.50 = 30.50

    Subtract 3.50 from both sides.

    2x = 30.50 - 3.50

    2x = 27

    Divide 27 by 2.

    x = 13.50

    One shirt is $13.50.

    13.50 + 3.50 = 17.00

    13.50 + 17.00 = $30.50

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    The equation would be 2x + 3.50 = 30.50.
    Basically, x represents the shirts and since there are two shirts, we multiply x by 2.
    $3.50 is added because one shirt is $3.50 more than another.
    Isolate the variable.
    Subtract 3.50 from 30.50 which would equal 27.
    Then, divide 2 from both sides so x = $13.50.
    To check your work, plug everything back into the equation.
    So, 2(13.50) + 3.50 = 30.50.

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