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What is the inverse equation of f(x)=(x+2)/(x-1)?

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    let y = (x+2)/(x-1)
    first step in finding the inverse is to interchange the x and y variables, so

    inverse is
    x = (y+2)/(y-1)
    now solve this for y

    xy-x = y+2
    xy - y = 2+x
    y(x-1) = 2+x
    y = (x+2)/(x-1)

    test with some x and y
    in original , let x = 2
    then y = 4/1 = 4

    in new equation , let x = 4, should get y = 2
    y = (4+2)/(4-1) = 6/3 = 2

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