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A uniform 2.20 kg sign of height 0.600 m hangs freely from a frictionless pivot. (Its extension into the page is irrelevant: treat it as a thin uniform rod of ‘length’ 0.600 m, pivoted about one end.) You throw a point-like 0.248 kg snowball at the sign. It strikes and sticks to the center of the sign at 14.5 m/s and the system rotates about the pivot. (Note: Isystem,f = Isnow + Irod.)

a) Use angular momentum conservation to determine the angular speed of the system immediately after the rotational collision in rad/s. (Note: The collision is completely inelastic. Mechanical energy is not conserved during the collision.)

b) Use energy conservation to subsequently determine the change in vertical position (in centimetres) of the system's center of mass from the initial state to the final state (when the system is at rest momentarily).

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    Just asking, but did you figure out question 2? The one with the massive uniform cylindrical pulley?

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    yes, it's a=(m2g-m1g-kx)/(m1+m2+(.5)(mP))

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    Do you have 5,6,7,9,10,11?

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