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Science 8R - help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (anyone????)

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Homework - Draw a graduated cylinder with different liquids in it (different colors) and different densities. Write the densities next to the liquid.

What kind of liquid????
How will I know the densities????
What's the color of the liquid????

please help me
*****look I'm sorry i re-post it but i really need help, im struggling with this question*****

can someone pleasssseeee help me

i'll be very happy if someone help me

****sorry about the last post, i mean to put science*****

  • Science 8R - help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (anyone????) -

    thank you SOOO much for not replying my post!

    i'll just guess then and write something that just pop out my head!

    all im asking is what kind of liquids and how am i suppose to find ... the density!!


  • Science 8R - help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (anyone????) -

    The choice of the liquids and their colors is up to you. (I assume the colors are only to distinguish one liquid from another.) Look up the densities in your textbook or Google the liquid names.

  • Science 8R - help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (anyone????) -

    thank you!!!!!!!!! :)

    btw --- i already got it covered but im thanking you for replying my post

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