Thanksgiving Writing-Introduction

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I need help on writing an INTRODUCTION from a turkey's perspective why pilgrims shouldn't eat turkey for Thankgiving feast.

  • Thanksgiving Writing-Introduction -

    The introduction is the last part of an essay that you write. You can't introduce something you don't know.

    What did you say in your essay?

  • Thanksgiving Writing-Introduction -

    My teacher only wanted us to start the Introduction only.Isnn't the introduction in the beginning...well my teacher gave us examples like use the words:

    It is believed
    People believe
    Many beliefs

  • Thanksgiving Writing-Introduction -

    Well, since this is from the turkey's point of view, I'd start it --

    Help! I don't want to die!

  • Thanksgiving Writing-Introduction -

    What else do I put??? How many lines is an introduction supposed to be?

  • Thanksgiving Writing-Introduction -

    An introduction is the first paragraph -- usually about 5 sentences long.

  • Thanksgiving Writing-Introduction -

    Will this work:

    Help!!! I don't wan't to die! Turkeys believe that it is you Pilgrims who eat us for Thanksgiving feast. (what else should I put???)

  • Thanksgiving Writing-Introduction -

    That's a good start. Use your imagination to continue.

    Why don't you want to die?

  • Thanksgiving Writing-Introduction -

    Can I say this:

    Help!I don't want to die! Turkeys believe that it is you Pilgrims who eat us for Thanksgiving feast. As commander turkey, I must make a change.

    Is that good enough?

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