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college algebra, Please help!!

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How can the graph of g(x)=3square root x+3 be obtained from the graph of g(x)= 3 square root x?
A. shift the graph 3 units right
b. shift the graph 3 units up
c. shift the graph 3 units down
d. shift the graph 3 units left

I am having problems with the square roots. Can someone please help!!

  • college algebra, Please help!! -

    the graph was shifted up 3 from the original graph that's all the question wants to know

  • college algebra, Please help!! -

    Ladybug, you often tend to forget to put in brackets, so
    if you shift
    y = 3√x
    " to the left 3 units" (d)
    you get y = 3√(x+3)

    whereas y = 3√x + 3 would have been "up 3 units" (b)

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