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3. Which one of the following sentences does not contain a prepositional phrase?

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    This question is based on the following paragraph.

    (1) Brenda would have liked to have taken her vacation at the beach. (2) However, the weather forecast on the television called for rain. (3) Also, her fiancé, Max, wanted to vacation in the mountains. (4) After a heated discussion, Brenda and Max decided to compromise. (5) They would spend their vacation time at Spring Lake. (6) That way, Jack could fish and Brenda could enjoy swimming.

    3. Which one of the following sentences does not contain a prepositional phrase?

    A. Sentence 5
    B. Sentence 2
    C. Sentence 6
    D. Sentence 3

  • adverbs and other parts of speech -

    i believe its sentence 6

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