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The angle θ is in the second quadrant and tan θ = -3/5. Point P is on the terminal arm of angle θ/ Which is a possible coordinate for P?

A) (-5,√29)
B) (-3,√29)
C) (-10,6)
D) (-6,10)

I drew the triangle, and aren't the coordinates supposed to be (-5,-3)? However the answer is C, I don't get it, can someone please explain?

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    tanØ = y/x
    since tanØ = -3/5 and you are in II
    then y = 3, and x = -5 , or in that ratio

    now look at C) with point (-10,6)
    isn't tanØ = 6/-10 = -3/5 ??

    It said "possible point", other points could have been
    (-20,12), (-200, 120) etc

    (in your diagram, the end point in II should have been (-5,3) , not (-5,-3) )

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